A New Year, A New Job


2013 has been an incredibly difficult, wonderful year!

Isn’t that an awesome sentence?  It’s been sitting here in draft mode waiting for me since January 2.

Well today I decided that I’m better at websites than I am at writing so this will  be short and sweet.  I’m glad that 2013 is over, I learned a lot but it’s time to move on.  More than that, I’m glad 2014 is here because with it brings a new job for me! :)

I started with WP Valet in December (just 3 weeks ago) and have to say I’ve never felt more at home.  I’m working with an amazing team of people doing amazing things with WordPress.  It’s the job I’ve always wanted, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

One thought on “A New Year, A New Job

  1. Hi,


    I have been using wordpress for 8 years, and would like to get involved in the documentation part of the project.

    Can you help me get started?

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