What is a callback?


I found this on StackOverflow while searching about callbacks.

What is a callback?

I just met you,

And this is crazy,

But here’s my number (delegate),

So if something happen (event),

Call me, maybe (callback)?

In computer programming, a callback is executable code that is passed as an argument to other code. 

Wikipedia: Callback (computer science)

It was anwered by user LightStriker. I thought it was a very clever (and memorable) answer. :)

Design Resources


Picjumbo Free photos

These guys mean it, completely free photos.  They offer a new photograph daily.  Quality is excellent. http://picjumbo.com/

Photoshop Wireframe Kit

Rafal Tomal with CopyBlogger Media has an excellent wireframe kit that he’s created in Photoshop.  He’s offering this resource at no cost along with some hints to get you up to speed quickly.  http://rafaltomal.com/free-photoshop-wireframe-kit/

Icon Font Generator

You know that awesome icon font from Bootstrap?  It’s a great resource, but when you only want an icon or two from the bunch it seems like a lot of bloat to load up the entire font.  Enter, Fontello.  With 14 different sets to choose from as well as the ability to upload and create your own this is a no-brainer.  Simply choose the icons you want, customize names and codes, download and go! http://fontello.com/



Why I’m Moving to WebDevStudios

I am very excited to announce that last Thursday (April 3rd) I accepted the position of Front-End Developer at WebDevStudios.  

This has been very bittersweet for me…it’s only been 4 months since I started working at WP Valet.  When I took the job at WP Valet I had no intention of leaving anytime soon.  I connected immediately with Mason and the rest of the team and looked forward to work every day because of that.

My only frustration was that I wasn’t doing as much development work as I would like to.  I thought I would need to wait a few years to learn php and javascript better before I would be considered as a serious candidate anywhere.  I also felt like that was something I could work into at WP Valet and was willing to wait. But when WebDevStudios announced they were hiring recently I decided (mostly on a whim) to apply and see if my theory was correct.  I wasn’t contacted for quite a while and during the wait I even told Mason that I had applied…even then I couldn’t imagine leaving WP Valet.  I thought the delay was due to lack of interest and that my suspicions my qualifications were confirmed.

After Lisa contacted me for the first interview things went pretty quickly.  The first interview with Lisa & Brad went well and we ended with a promise for me to show them some of my code samples.  I got that together and waited, still not sure what was going to happen or what I would do if something did.

Lisa contacted me last Wednesday for a follow up to the interview.  I thought it would be a ’2nd interview’ and didn’t think too much of it so when she offered me the job it caught me a little off guard ;)  I did not immediately accept but told her I would need to talk to my husband and possibly to Mason.  I ended up telling Mason the next day that I was accepting the job….it was a really sad day for all of us.

I’m writing this partly because of this article (Why Company Culture Is So Important For Remote WordPress Developers) on the Tavern. I do agree that company culture is important and I want it to be very clear that

WP Valet is doing everything right.

I think they are building something wonderful and have an incredible future.

I chose to move to WebDevStudios for several reasons.  First, what a huge validation!  I have doubted myself and my ability so much,  I tend to measure myself against the best and feel like I never measure up.  A close friend said it well…”This is quite a change from 2 years ago when you were still trying to figure out what sql was.” …no kidding, I’ve definitely been on the fast track.

The deciding factor for the move had mostly to do with my family.  I think my situation is unique, my husband is 12 years older than I am and my career didn’t start until after raising my kids.  We’ve always joked about my working after he retires so that he wouldn’t have to worry about his 401K being enough. I wondered how we could make that a reality but I’m seeing it happen now.  How exciting!

I’m sure that I will remain friends with everyone at WP Valet, particularly Mason.  He is a special person and I’m honored to be his friend :)

A New Year, A New Job


2013 has been an incredibly difficult, wonderful year!

Isn’t that an awesome sentence?  It’s been sitting here in draft mode waiting for me since January 2.

Well today I decided that I’m better at websites than I am at writing so this will  be short and sweet.  I’m glad that 2013 is over, I learned a lot but it’s time to move on.  More than that, I’m glad 2014 is here because with it brings a new job for me! :)

I started with WP Valet in December (just 3 weeks ago) and have to say I’ve never felt more at home.  I’m working with an amazing team of people doing amazing things with WordPress.  It’s the job I’ve always wanted, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

~ Audrey Hepburn


wellmount usa screenshot

Original Design and Implementation for Tom Butchko Sr. of  WellMount LLC.  The design was built on top of the Superstore theme by WooThemes and the Ecommerce is powered by Woocommerce.

WordPress – Posts 2 People

pos-2-posts banner image

Often, we in the WordPress Community read blogs written on WordPress by people in the WordPress Community about …. well, WordPress. We read about the business aspect of WordPress, sometimes the ‘how’ of WordPress and other times there are posts to read about the community in and around WordPress.

Since I am relatively new to WordPress I read as much as I can. I have discovered that I love to code … I mean, I really love it. What does someone new to WordPress and coding do to figure things out?  Why, read of course!  I’m a regular reader of Tom McFarlin’s blog, Post Status by Brian Krosgrard, Pippin Williamson’s Plugin Tutorial Site and many others.  I search Google and the Codex to find answers.  I’ll often deconstruct both themes and plugins in my quest to figure out how things are done.  Once I’ve set my mind to something I’m relentless.

Through all this, I’ve met the ‘people of WordPress’.  Some in person but many only virtually (although the connection is no less real.)

The experiences have been both good and bad, but the good far outweigh the bad…by a long shot.  People have been kind, they’ve shared knowledge and ability and I’ve grown along the way.  I now find myself in a place to do the same and it’s a great feeling.  Sure there have been the occasional ‘doing_it_wrong()‘ comments, but I’ve learned from those too ;)

I was recently talking to one of my new WordPress friends, Carrie Dils when all of this came up; people, connections, reaching out.  She even wrote a post about it, Reach Out.

Her post made me think about my favorite plugin, Posts 2 Posts by Scribu.  Seriously, it is the coolest thing ever for a new developer.  I read the documentation, I do what it says…boom, it works!  Posts in one category are suddenly ‘talking’ to posts in another.  I can even coerce the posts from one post_type to ‘talk’ to another post_type.  I can tell that the plugin will do a lot more than I understand now … custom taxonomy’s, oy!  But the point is it has enough for everyone.

That plugin kind of reminds me of people and relationships. It is probably a cheesy metaphor, but we are connected … and, all at different levels.  The code that connects us can come in many forms, but the constant is WordPress. Ten years into it and WordPress is stronger than ever. That can be attributed to the fact that Matt has stayed true to the vision he has had for WordPress from the beginning, often in the face of criticism. (You can read about more about that here and here.)

So, these thoughts, and as a result this post, were born out of a conversation with my new WordPress friend.  It is my way of saying to her, and to everyone else …. that I see and appreciate the community that has welcomed me in.